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At the present time we are only able to provide a 'start of season' list of the rankings for Surrey registered players due to the way the info is provided by Table Tennis England. We are currently looking at solutions but in the meantime can only provide a link to the relevant page on the Table Tennis England website, if you wish to view monthly changes:

Click here for start of season rankings for Surrey registered players.Thank you to Mike Loveder for compiling this spreadsheet.

No.1 ranked Surey player for each category is as follows:


Senior Women - Frederica Bonato

Federica B.jpeg

Cadet Girls - Chu-Que Wong

Senior Men - Darius Knight

Cadet Boys - Daniyal Palmer


Junior Girls - Evelyn Pace

Veterans Women - Mi Jung Choi


Junior Boys - Ollie Maric Murray

Veterans Men - Adam Laws

Chui-Que Wong Surrey Cadet no1.jpg
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