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Surrey Table Tennis Association (STTA) was formed in 1946 to promote the sport of table tennis in the County of Surrey and beyond, although its roots date back to the 1930’s.

A Surrey Table Tennis League started in 1936. In those days there were two ‘Ladies Only’ divisions. In 1937 Purley Bury 1 won the Premier Division with Addiscombe runners up. The other teams were Aston, Cedars, Epsom and Ashtead, Harrowdene, Purley Bury 2, Silver Birch and Wallington. Nine teams in total.

In the same year, the Men’s Premier Division was won by Addiscombe with Croydon coming runners up. The Men’s top division had 10 teams in total. The others being Caterham Valley, Cedars, Central Croydon, Croydon 2, Epsom and Ashtead, Purley Bury, Wallington, Wandgas.

Moving on in time, more than a couple of decades, to 26th November 1971 and Surrey Table Tennis Association celebrated its 25th Anniversary with a Dinner and Dance at the Greyhound Hotel in Croydon.

At this event presentations were made to the following Surrey players who had played more than 50 matches for the County:
C Chapman

R J Crayden
Mr J Head

Miss P Piper
C J Warren

K R Craigie
Mrs J Head

A R Miller
H T Venner

Mrs M Wright

The 50th Anniversary in 1996, was celebrated with a dinner at The International Co freemasonry, in Surbiton.

International Players (Past & Present) Over the years Surrey has had many players who have represented their country at international level. Here’s list of some (England, unless stated):



Connie Warren

Jane Barella

Wing Yun Chan

Darius Knight
David Hannah - Scotland

Ron Crayden
Richard Yule - Scotland

Max Crimmins

Linda Howard

Sue Howard
Darren Blake

Chris Bush
Marcus Giles

Alexander Gillen -Ireland
Ian Girdler

Sandra Goldsmith
David Harding

Jackie Head
Jean Head

Evelyn Lippett
Mary Shannon (Wright)

Martin Shuttle
Carmen Vajdi - Iran

Harry Venner
Nicky Mason     

Tony Needham - Wales
Chui Que Wong

Margaret Wright
Joanna Parker (Drinkhall)

Leslie Popkiewicz
Michael Chan


Krish Chotai
Isabelle Joubeily
Danielle Kelly - Wales
Oliver Maric-Murray
Evelyn Pace

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